Curriculum Vitae


Pascal Kirchmair

born on 8
th February, 1974 in Valenciennes, France

Innweg 15a
6170 Zirl


My cartoon "Coronavirus - Scary encounter in Venice" is selected as the "Daily toon" (the daily cartoon-newsletter of “”)


My cartoon "Antagonists" is published in the cartoon ebook of "Toons Mag" on the occasion of the "Cartoonist-of-the-Year-2019" contest

Publication of my cartoon "Capra Ibex" in the magazine "Glockenturm" ("Bell Tower") of the "Hospital zum Heiligen Geist" (issue 06/2019", page 21:

Contribution of an illustration of Sigmund Freud for the book "Und Überall Philosophie" by 
Ger Groot (on page 200, ISBN-13: 978-3423281713; dtv Verlagsgesellschaft (March 22, 2019))

Beginning of my membership at United Sketches (, an international organization of cartoonists dedicated to freedom of expression.

Design of a T-shirt with the portrait of Leon Trotsky for the company "Veste Esquerda"
( based in Brazil

Participation in the exhibition "HILDEN CARTOON ...die FÜNFTE" from April 12 - 28, 2019 at the "Haus Hildener Künstler", Hofstraße 6, 40723 Hilden, Germany


Out of 260 candidates and 635 cartoons of the LIBEX-2018 competition (Centro LIBREXPRESSION, Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno) after the 3 prizes, I was among the twelve who received an "Honourable mention" with my cartoon „Jesus on Twitter“. The cartoons of those 15 cartoonists have been published as post-cards (300 copies for each) and in the catalogue (as well as all 55 finalists).

My cartoon "Inside the Kindergarten - Trump in the White House" is awarded with the "Daily Toon" (the daily newsletter of “”)
Following my participation in the "Draw my rights" competition organized by „RHSF" in 2014 and 2015, the exhibition "Forced Labour Behind the Bar Code" has initiated a beautiful world tour. It was showed...
- At the UN in New York;  
- At the Vatican;
- In Paris (Senate, City Hall, HEC, l'Entrepôt, in a big French company...) and in  several French cities, including Toulouse (City Hall, Toulouse Business School,  
Espace des Diversités et de la Laïcité...);    
- In Luxembourg (vernissage in presence of the Minister of Justice and the President of the Advisory Commission for Human Rights);
- In Sicily (Sabir festival). 
And this is not about to stop...

My drawing named "Inspiration" is published by the “Österreichischer Bundesverlag" (Oebv) for the schoolbook "sprachreif 1, Deutsch BHS” (ISBN: 978-3-209-09246-5 ; page 96.6) Release Date: 2018


Publication of my cartoon “Das Kochduell” in the “Grammar Reader for Beginners of German” by Jessica Menz

My caricature of "Yves Saint Laurent" is awarded with the "Daily Toon" (the daily newsletter of “”)

Contribution of my cartoon "Globalization" to the book "BANKRUPTING THE
THIRD WORLD: How the Global Elite Drown Poor Nations in a Sea of Debt" by
James and Lance Morcan

My caricature of "Chuck Berry" is awarded with the "Daily Toon"
(the daily newsletter of “”)


Selling of the drawing "Foxconn" to the ERNST-KLETT-VERLAG
for the schoolbook "Terra OS Geographie 11" (ISBN: 3-12-104708-6)
Release Date: February 2016

My caricature of "Muddy Waters" is awarded with the "Daily Toon"
(the daily newsletter of “”)

Exhibition of my drawing "Modern slavery" by RHSF ("Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières” - see further below!) in collaboration with "Caritas Internationalis" (which showed the exhibition previously in many countries, for example in Singapore), on June 2nd, 2016 at the "International Labour Organisation" (ILO ) in Geneva.

Attendance of the life drawing class at the “Tyrolean Academy of Arts”
by Erika Isser (Third semester for advanced learners)


Commissioned work (caricature) for the Irish-Tyrolean band "Brown Spring"

Commendation for the participation in the “1st international cartoon
contest MIKS - jazz & blues” in Sisak, Croatia

Contribution of a caricature for the book by Sudheer Nath to

commemorate “Charlie Chaplin´s 125th year of birth as well as the
100th year of his screen appearance” and participation in the exhibition
with the same theme at the “Piramal Gallery” at the “National
Centre for the Performing Arts” (NCPA) in Mumbai, India, from
June 25th to June 27th

Contribution of a caricature for the book “Je suis Charlie: Ein Buch
für die Meinungsfreiheit“ published by „Riva Verlag“ under the
pseudonym of „Kato“ 

Participation in the travelling exhibition "Behind the bar code, human
rights at work" organized by the NGO “RHSF“ (Ressources Humaines
Sans Frontières) held from 2nd to 19th December 2014 in the “Toulouse
Business School”, from 7th to 20th January 2015 in the „Entrepôt“ in
Paris, from February 16th to March 6th in the "Éspace des diversités
et de la laïcité” in Toulouse, in the “Toulouse Business School” for
3 weeks beginning with the 16th of March, in Paris at the HEC
(Haute École de Commerce) and in Rome (Italy) in May and finally
from 15th to 25th June at the UN headquarters in New-York


Publication of a cartoon on the homepage and in the
catalogue of the "III. International Competition of Cartoons" held in the
Selection of my cartoons about the theme „Hunger and Thirst in the World“ for the exhibition of the seventh edition of The Novello Award held in Codogno from 4th to 26th October 2014

My cartoon "Modern slavery" is chosen for the “Company Award” (Drawings for a book of good 
practices that will give the keys to fight against forced labour.)
by the “International Drawing Contest to fight against forced labour”,
organized by “RHSF” and supervised by the cartoonist PLANTU

Selected for the exhibition and the catalogue of the “16th Porto Cartoon
World Festival”


Publication of a cartoon in the album of the "5th Cyprus International
Cartoon Contest”, topic: "Troika and Greek Financial Crisis"

Contribution of a cartoon for the commercial site ""

My caricature "Zlatan Ibrahimovic" is awarded with the "Daily Toon"
(daily newsletter of “”)

Cartoon "Liebeskummer" (Heartsickness) for the German "Ernst-Klett-
Schoolbook: "Leben leben 2 SB", ISBN 3-12-695260
Circulation: 50 000, Release Date: January 2014

Two commissioned caricatures for the headmaster of the professional
school for building technique and painting in Absam


Selling of a cartoon at the "Bookstore-Portrait-Competition"
organized by ""
Comic strip for the German "Ernst-Klett-Publishing-House"
Schoolbook: "deutsch.kombi plus 2 GB SB", ISBN 3-12-313312
Circulation: 100 000, Release Date: April 2013

Publication of a cartoon on the toonpool-blog “toonnews”:

Guest contribution on the official website of the famous French cartoonist
Jean-Maurice Bosc (guest contributions amongst others by Ronald Searle,
Sempé, Wolinski, Kichka and Trez ):

Cartoon for the blog and the homonymous Facebook page "Produkttests,
Trends & more"


Participation in the etching course (VHS Radierwerkstätte Innsbruck) of professor Weichselbaumer at the “Adult Education Center Innsbruck”


Production of two animated cartoons for the movie „Beating the Bomb“ produced and directed by Meera Patel and Wolfgang Matt

Second participation at the “Workers' Chamber Art Market” at the “Congress Center Innsbruck”

Publication of an illustration in Darren Di Lieto´s book "Medium Without a Message"

Participation in the second "Mail Me Art" exhibition at the “Red Gate Gallery” 
in London


Illustration of the poetry book "Under the Beringed Tree" by Thomas Hanny 
with seven nude drawings

“Public Choice Award Winner” of the design contest by the food chain “MPreis”
on the topic “joie de vivre”

Release of an illustration in Darren Di Lieto´s book "Going Postal with 
The World's Best Illustrators and Designers "

Participation in the "Mail Me Art"-exhibition at the “Red Gate Gallery” in London

Design of a T-shirt for the fair-trade-company “Prumo” in Vienna 


Exhibition of oil paintings, watercolors, ink and pencil drawings in the municipal
office of the market town Zirl

Poster design for the Public Library of Seefeld on the occasion of the "Tales,
Legends and Myths"-event


Exhibition of oil paintings and watercolors at the offices of the SPÖ 

(Austrian Socialist Party) in Zirl
2006 until now

Regular participations in the "Workshop for Life Drawing" (Arbeitskreis für
freies Aktzeichnen) with annual group exhibitions in the offices of the
“Adult Education Center Innsbruck”


Participation in the “Workers' Chamber-Art-Market” in the “Congress Center


Illustration of the book "Against All Flags" by Birjees Nagy with nine cartoons


Introduction to the mosaic technique at the “Atelier for Mosaic Art” 
by Maria and Gerhard Storch in Zirl


Learning the human proportions in many nude and portrait drawing classes
at the Adult Education Center Innsbruck” and participation in several group exhibitions


Attendance of a watercolor course under the guidance of Astrid Schirmer, followed by a group exhibition at the “Adult Education Center Innsbruck”

Student of the famous French artist Anne-Marie Julien Klimbacher:

Introduction to the watercolor and gouache technique

Graphic design for the website of the “Tyrolean Lawyers Association”

Publication of a cartoon in the newspaper “Tiroler Tageszeitung”


External semester in Lille, France

Community service in the state hospital of Hochzirl


Publication of the first cartoon in the newspaper "Blickpunkt Telfs"


Business studies in Innsbruck


Attendance of secondary school in Innsbruck


Attendance of secondary modern school in Zirl


Attendance of elementary school in Zirl